My Work With InstantPost

I’ve been part of Instantpost since August 2018 as a work from home Intern when I was in my 3rd semester.

Even though I am working from home it didn't mean it was something different work done onsite, It's just that the things are managed differently.

I had no prior experience with any of the work with which the job comes, my mentor who is also the founder of InstantPost is by far the most knowledgeable person I've ever known stood by me and encouraged me. My experience have been fruitful as I've come across many a things which changed the way I think about Computer Science

My journey could have ended in earlier but I was given this amazing opportunity to extend my stay for more than the original duration which is still continuing at the time of writing this post.


InstantPost Printers and Scanners Pvt. Ltd.

I'll be sharing more as I continue my journey here. Cheers!

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